Upon receipt of higher education, students, deeply and objectively thinking about their future, move to a higher level – postgraduate education. Individuals, who have taken such an initiative, make a choice solely in their favor, so they must go all the way to the end, completing it with a successful defense of the dissertation. An applicant for a scientific degree will be able to satisfy his needs and personal ambitions only after awarding a master’s, candidates or doctoral scientific title. His highest form of self-realization is the preparation and defense of the thesis. This procedure allows you to certify the high social status of the holder of an academic degree and open up new opportunities for him in personal development and career growth.

Obtaining a doctoral degree becomes the basis for building a career ladder in government organizations, government bodies, in the spheres of education, science and industry, and commercial corporations. In the process of choosing a prestigious job, submitting a resume with a mark on the presence of a degree in order increases the chances of obtaining decent conditions and wages. The defense of the thesis automatically enhances the applicant’s image, opens ways for successful political activity, business management, work as a top manager, etc.

The cost of dissertation writing steps

Determining the exact cost of our services without providing the customer with the source data is almost impossible due to the specificity of the paper, the differences in each particular case, the required volumes, the methods of conducting scientific research, the structure and content of the thesis, and many other factors. The cost may also be increased by shortening the time for preparing a thesis. The price for writing the dissertation paper is calculated on an individual basis based on the results of your application.

How can I pay for dissertation essay writing service?

Payment for the paper can be made by transfer to the bank card of our company, through:

  • payment terminals
  • to a bank account
  • electronic money systems.

We guarantee the safety of your funds until you defend your dissertation. The author of the dissertation ordered will receive payment for his work only after that.

Our guarantees

We have to our customers a comprehensive warranty, which includes:

  1. The guarantee of the uniqueness of the paper, the absence of any elements of plagiarism in it – check in the service.
  2. The guarantee of a refund for a dissertation written by us, which does not correspond to the chosen topic, the initial requirements and the wishes of the supervisor.
  3. Guaranteed free revision of the identified shortcomings up to the defense of the thesis.
  4. The guarantee of protection of your consumer rights, confirmed by the contract and payment check.
  5. Guaranteed complete confidentiality of your personal data.

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