In just a matter of a few months, the novel coronavirus has revolutionized not only the global health sector but every facet of economy and education system.

Students have been forced to stay at home as the world grapples with the effects of the coronavirus and while in some countries, especially the third world countries, learning has been completely paralyzed, students in the first world countries are continuing with learning as if nothing happened, but at their homes.

With the virus spreading at a rapid rate across the European countries, Asia, the Middle East and in the United States, these counties have also been haste to take measures aimed at mitigating the virus from becoming a full-blown pandemic. In the first few weeks of the virus being reported, learning was immediately suspended, which means many children have been affected by this virus. With the COVID-19, it means business unusual, students have been help to write an essay interrupted, and most of them are already feeling the effects of staying at home all day, something they are not used to, however, what are some of the things students find surprising during the stay-in-place orders?

  • Learning Has Been Interrupted

As obvious as this might seem, it is something students are taking with many surprises. The year began quite normally, but then suddenly the governments decided that there will be no more learning. This can be quite a surprise because most students had aspirations, some were being done with stages of learning and hoping to get to the other stage, but now, that is no longer happening.

  • Studies Becoming Digitalized

While the concept of online learning is not a new one, most students are taking this with quite a surprise. Teachers are preparing for teaching materials for the students to use. Students, on the other hand, have to access the classes remotely, which is something that they are not used to. Additionally, students are tasked to access online lessons on their own without the guidance of their teachers. Additionally, learning in the online space has been made fun thanks to COVID-19 as quizzes and assignments given to students can be gamed by finding the answers through sites like google.

  • Flexibility In Learning

Due to the Coronavirus, students are finding it easy and relatively flexible to access online classes. It doesn’t matter where they are. As long as they paramountessays have an internet connection, they can be able to access their learning over and over again. This has made learning so much easier and fun because unlike a traditional set up where the teacher dictates notes, here a student can play and replay a recording many times as they wish to.

  • Social Isolation

Without going to schools, students’ social circles have been interrupted, which means most are being forced to stay at home, an environment they have not been used to. This is surprising because even at home, they have to keep social distancing guidelines, which is adversely affecting their interactions.


While the first few weeks of not going to school were fun, students are now getting surprised about how sitting at home doing nothing is boring. The detested school life; having to wake up early to go to school is something that most are now wishing to have

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